Lunch Break

Well, so much for using my lunch break at work to go and do errands and eat. I ended up laying back for a second and opened eyes to it being almost an hour later. I fell asleep in my car sitting up. Who does that?? Too bad I woke up to my neck sore and stiff.

Did not realize that all the stress and crazyness at home would get to me this much.

    You must have really needed that! The body takes what it needs, sometimes when you don't expect it. I hope none of the errands were super-important, because I know how that feels, and I hope the nap was at very least satisfying!
      8Theresa Gould
      If anyone noticed you sleeping, they probably just thought you must be tired to fall asleep in your car. Glad you caught a few zzzs before going back to work.
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