Tylenol for teething

Classic signs and symptoms of teething include:

Chewing on solid objects
Irritability or crankiness
Sore or tender gums

If your baby is especially cranky, acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) might help. Avoid teething medications that contain the pain reliever benzocaine. Benzocaine products have been associated with methemoglobinemia — a rare but serious condition that reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Fever + Irritable/Pain = Give Tylenol or Advil
Fever + Happy = Do not give Tylenol or Advil
No Fever + Happy = Do not give Tylenol or Advil
No Fever + Irritable/Pain = Give Tylenol or Advil

7 mg per pound every 4 hours. The dosage we used is 7 milligrams per pound of body weight (for metric users, that’s 15mg per kilo). For example: a 22-pound child would get 154 mg (22×7=154). This is about one-teaspoon of children’s liquid. Don’t worry about giving 160mg instead of 154mg – the difference is minimal. This dose can be given every four hours, or realistically, five times a day.

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    I think for that very first tooth, I would call in to the doctor to get a recommendation for dosage, especially if the baby is under four months old. Very great tips.
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