A REAL dilemma women face nowadays...

I feel like this article is a real issue women face nowadays..

What do you think Mamas?


    I agree that having children is expensive. Of course, every parent want to give the best possible for their kids. The real problem in America, I think, that we have very expensive child cares/ nanny/ babysitter service. Actually you have to pay one more mortgage for every kid. It's not right:If you have kids, and you have a job, you have to choose: continue to work and pay crazy money for day cares, or stay at home and have no job no money. No surprise for me, lot of moms are looking for a work from home job.
      Amanda Hurley
      My husband doesn't make very much money. Right now we live in subsidized housing. Our rent is based on what he makes. He has a learning disability, so he cannot always find a permanent job he can keep. He has been working with this lawn company since May, the longest job he has held. If money was a problem, we would have never had our second, let alone be on our fourth. We have always found a way to make ends meet, even with me being a SAHM. I do think that a lot of people think that kids take a lot of money, but it comes down to what you think you need to live on. We don't normally have money to go out to eat, or to take our kids to the movies, but that does not mean we deprive them. We shop at thrift stores and do a lot of our grocery shopping with coupons and off clearance racks. My kids know that I do not have the money to put them in sports or dance. They are happy though, and to me, that is all that matters. They never starve, we have a roof over our heads, they have clean clothes and diapers. They don't have everything they want, but they have everything they need. We also rely on outside support for holidays and birthdays. We both have enough family that we can spend less than 50 dollars per child and they will still get more than enough.
        Oh I totally agree that kiddos don't need EVERYTHING ladies.. and that if we all waited until we "were ready" ...then no one would have kids. I guess or my husband and myself... we just wanted to be as prepared as we could be... saving for their schooling, not stressing about making ends meet... I think those stresses can sometimes weigh on a child.. and we just wanted to be as prepared as possible - we know you cannot be fully :) I just think nowadays, with an awful economy, people think twice about the quality of life that they can/want to provide for their little ones.. that's all :)
          Kids is sooo expensive, and it is a deciding factor for many families. I love when a couple look at all aspects of their lives prior to bringing a baby into the world. I know it cannot always be planned but if you are thinking about trying then take the time to see if you are as ready as you can be.
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