Okay Mamas... weigh in on CRIBS!

Brand? Kind?

Pricey? Affordable?

What made you pick YOURS and do you like it?​

    I'm very VERY happy to say that my father does woodworking and is building a convertible crib that converts to either a full or twin if I recall correctly. He's done all this research and found some crazy hard to find cut of wood to use, all these nontoxic staining processes in case baby chews. He's really getting into it, trying to make it an heirloom piece. I'm very excited!
    8Theresa Gould
    That's so exciting, Cassaundra!
      Amanda Hurley
      I have a hand-me-down with drop rails. I don't think that you can get one with drop rails anymore, but I love it. It makes life so much easier. I agree though with the convertible crib, except it wouldn't work for us. None of our kids use toddler beds, plus, we are going to have three under three, so we will need the crib for the new baby. We wouldn't be able to convert it yet anyway.
        Cribs have been such a dilemma for me! I got one from my aunt, and its supposed to be convertible, but we don't have any instructions, I'm not sure what we have for it's hardware, we don't know the brand to get the convertible parts... I have put a couple convertible ones on my registries between $200-300, I want one that is lower in the front, because I'm fairly short. I also want one that would have drawers in the base, or enough room for us to put some underneath. I was told by a family friend not to get the ones that have the attached changing tables, because her daughter once walked into the nursery to find her daughter had pulled herself up onto it! Scary!!
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