Hepatitis A vaccine

Did you get the Hep A vaccine for your kids?

Today at the doctor they recommended my daughter get it, they said especially for our state. When I asked questions like how do you catch it or what symptoms does it cause I just got a blank stare from the nurse. It is not a required vaccine, it is an optional one. I declined for now but I might do it later.

    I had to look up my daughter's records, but she received her first dose at 1 year and the second and final dose at 2 years. According to the CDC's website, reasons for an adult to receive the vaccine makes it seem ridiculous to vaccinate an infant or child. However, imagine your little one is playing with a group of kids, stumbles happen. Your kid and stranger kid get a cut, if stranger kid has Hep A or other blood communicable disease and you've opted out of the vaccine that protects against it, what then? I know it's a stretch, but that's what goes through my head.

    *Disclaimer: I'm gung-ho for vaccines. They're magical and my children with receive them on time, whenever possible. I will get up-to-date when I'm no longer breastfeeding.
      The Hep A vaccine is more of a community immunity precaution than one of individual concerns. Hep A is transmitted through contaminated food and water, and is not responsive to the precautions used to decontaminate food against bacterial infections. If the doctor said the vaccine is recommended in your area, it's most likely because the science shows your area at a higher risk of local outbreaks - which are scary due to the difficulty of controlling them. Thus, the push to inoculate the population in an effort to head off an outbreak before it starts. Hepatitis A does not cause long term liver damage, but the gastrointestinal effects are debilitating and can be fatal for smaller children and infants who do not have the required energy stores to wait out the disease course.
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