My Baby Shower is tomorrow and I am so excited!!!

Ladies share your special or crazy moments related to your baby shower(s) and what you loved most from it (the cake, gifts, your outfit, games, friends)

Jacqueline MillerWaco, Texas
    8Theresa Gould
    I bet you are! The one thing I remember about my shower is my husband had to ruin the surprise because he couldn't get me to return to work for the surprise! Ha!

    Hope you have a fabulous shower with your friends and family!
      Oh girl, I have a good one for you.

      So at the end part of my shower with Mini my ant decides it is a good idea to show video that her co worked gave her of her birth. Why in the heck she gave that to my aunt is a good question, but she did. She's loading the video and going on and on "I don't think she will mind if anyone sees this, it's not like you guys know her..."

      And then as this woman is bringing forth new life on a big screen TV with all of it's blood and glory my best friend pipes up "Hey! It that Mariza?"

      It was about the time to go home at that point. Between the screams and my aunt getting flustered about my best friend knowing the woman... yeah.
      Jacqueline Miller
      lol hahaha oh my goodness!!
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