Swimming lessons, great idea or waste of time?

I honestly wish I had enrolled my oldest in swim lessons at an early age. Up until about a year ago she was on swim team and when she started she had to learn the proper way to do some of the strokes. It was very frustrating to her and she wanted to quit at one point. When she finally did quit was only because she had picked up another activity.

If your kids are probably not interested in something like swim competitions you don't really need beyond the basics. Water safety and learning to be comfortable in the water are well worth the money, in my opinion.

    8Theresa Gould
    We've only done one session of lessons. All our children love swimming and I wish we could afford lessons for everyone but we don't have much opportunity to swim. I'd love to have a pool here. We bought a used one from a homeschooling family but have to appeal to our landlords again about putting it up because they are worried about liability....but we found out our farm/renters insurance will cover it! So wish us luck in our appeal! Then our children will probably finally learn to swim well.
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