We chose homeschooling with a mostly Christian based curriculum, though it's a hodge podge for the most part and not one whole curriculum for everything.

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    We use Saxon for Math (though a couple of my children don't like it). We use Christian Liberty for World literature, English, science, history and government for the older crew. Nutrition 101 for health, along with another body book for the younger crew. Simply Grammar for the younger crew. God's Creation for science for the younger ones. 100 Easy Lesson to teach reading and readers from Rod and Staff and Amish Pathway Readers (based on simple, sweet stories about family and farm life). We also use Rod and Staff workbooks for preschool. Reason for Handwriting. That's all that I can think of right now, but that's the bulk of it besides the books our children read to supplement their learning.
      I was home school through Jr High and Highschool. I HATED Saxon math although I still have my old book lol we went through Christian Liberty Academy and have our actual diploma instead of just a 12 grade completion certificate. I loved their literature books and their Bible classes. I still have all of those text books still too.
      But that was a LONG time ago. Lol we are considering homeschooling T but I'm not sure what curriculum we will use if we do though. There are so many good choices.
        I commend those who homeschool and the kids really do learn. I know I would do my kids an injustice in their education if I I was their teacher.
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          My husband went to a Christian Acadamy elementary through middle school than home-schooled during high school. I feel like he is so much more educated than I ever could gain from going to public my whole life. I was not sheltered, nor did I grow up in what I consider a bible belt area. My mom never sheltered my brother and I. In some ways I'm grateful for that, but at the same time, I find myself being a little over protective of my children. I am wanting to home-school if we are able to, at the moment we have no idea where we will be in six months. I am determined to stay in school for Graphic Design and would like to work from home in the evenings and during the day do the schooling. If we do send them to school, I'd rather it be a christian or private school if we can afford it.
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