My kids are so excited!!!

When I started my home based business, I thought it would be nothing but time
time for me and the kids to play
time for me to sleep lol
time, time, time
But I learned that like a traditional job, you have to sacrifice time to have a lucrative life in the long run. Fast forward four months, my kids are super excited because this weekend we are going on a trip to disney world!! I can not even lie yall, I am equally excited because I have not taken a trip since I was little lol. But I am even more excited because trips are going to be a frequent thing of the future for the kids :) So I suppose the time sacrifice was well worth it. Anyone else have anything great planned for the weekend?

    8Theresa Gould
    Congratulations on our upcoming trip, hope you all have a blast!

    We have a lot of planting to do to get our garden in and fencing to do. I'd like to read a book on Sunday but we'll see. We also want to go to a potluck at church.
      3Lin White
      I work from home with my home base business I love it. I am home every day with my 18 month old baby. You would love Disney world, when we took our kids we also had fun so enjoy.
        Not really debi, we are just flying with the wind lol. I would like to go on everything but whatever they see thats where we will be first. Yes, I am hoping for an argument free weekend lol, even my boys will find a fight in fun- but so goes motherhood!! Thank you everyone :) I will be sharing pictures
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