Does your child(ren) have alone with daddy time?

Since I had my wisdom tooth out this week I've taken some pretty strong pain killers before bed, which has meant that if Charlie wakes up in the middle of the night, he's on dad's watch. Of course daddy has done an outstanding job, he always does. But it make me wonder about the dynamics of other households. Do your kids have time set aside for them and their fathers? I'm not talking about divorced families where dad's have visitation.

    No, not like a designated time, but they do have some good father son time together. Maybe he'll go to the store with dad or play video games with dad (just watching of course lol.) Or if mommy is extra tired, hurt for some reason or working, then they have time together. Otherwise the 3 of us are almost always together. We get good mommy son time when dad's at work. :)
      Amanda Hurley
      My husband likes to spend quality time with the kids. He tries to set aside alone time with each child every week.
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