Board Game Marathon

We recently bought a new board game on one of our shopping trips, which has refueled the board game frenzy in this house! It comes in spurts, and usually lasts a few days before we move on again, but it's pretty amusing to watch! My give year old and my SO are both competitive and extremely serious about their "records", which makes for rather entertaining banter back and forth! Do you see a different side of your sweet precious child when the board game championship is on the line?

    Yep... The rules are the first thing up for interpretation! My daughter picked out a princess cupcake game - which turned out to be surprisingly fun! We also make the usual rounds of candy land (princess edition, she absolutely dove head first into this Disney phase), hi-ho cheerio, chutes and ladders and a memory matching game. Our favorite is Guess Who, because how easy it is to make special rules for it. Does your little one have a favorite house-rules game?
      oh Board games are SO much fun! My son is our lover of board games and usually has us playing them! Our favorite is monopoly!
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