My Single Mom Story

After my husband and I got married, we found out we were pregnant about 2 months later. I was excited, but I think after getting married, getting our first place, and getting pregnant all within a couple of months time, he just couldn't cope. He shut down. He started doing drugs again, hard ones. After 3 years of fighting on and off for our marriage, I finally told him I couldn't do it anymore. All the drugs he had done had made it impossible to talk with him or come to some understanding with him. So now we don't talk unless it's about Clara on the 3 days he gets her a week. He loves her, I know he does, but I think he's pretty much given up on trying to be a good father. He's admitted to me many times he doesn't feel ready to grow up so he's much more interested in living his life right now rather than being a father. So for now, it's just Clara and I. I'm ready to move to Florida in the next couple of years, just her and I, and start our lives over there :-)

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    Melissa Middleton
    My mother was a single mother as well. She raised six girls on her own (with help from my grandparents, at times). My heart goes out to you and, if I had a hat, I'd tip it towards you. You can do this. :) I have a lot of respect for single parents.
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    I'm a 23 year old single mother living in Fortville, IN. I work in Indianapolis. I have a wonderful 3 year old daughter, Clara. Check out my facebook page at :-)