Bloody noses!

My daughter has woken up a couple nights this week with a bloody nose. Same nostril. Every time.
Is it normal to be on one side? I wonder if she's picking it.. Which even if she is, it should give her a bloody nose right?
It's not extreme. Weather is weird right now. Super hot, windy now chilly (for us)..

At what point do I wonder if there's a problem?

This is what I was thinking too. Dryness I'd the biggest culprit.
    I would point fingers at the weather. I think Melissa's idea of a humidifier is a fantastic idea!
      Yes humidifier. I used to get nose bleeds bad at night in the winter. My boys have gotten a few but I put a humidifier in the hallway outside their rooms. I turn it on about an hour before they go to bed and let it go through the night. Haven't had a nose bleed since.
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