In Need of Advice

Hi Mommies!

I am still pretty new to the site and still trying to figure things out, but in the meantime I have some questions for the moms who work from home.

See, I was once in the military as a chef and I absolutely loved it. Believe it or not, I CHOSE to be a chef (some people find that weird). As the daughter of a now retired chef, cooking has been a huge passion of mine. However, about 5 years ago I suffered a neck injury that has literally left me unable to do what it is that I love the most...being in the kitchen. I have other passions such as reading and writing, but I haven't quite found out how I could use that to my advantage.

I am still a fairly new mother of only one amazing daughter, however because of my injury I have been a stay home mom and full time student in college to perhaps change my career path to Business Management for about 2 years now. I was searching for work from home, but I mostly came across call center jobs that I cannot do because my daughter keeps my home environment from being "quiet" lol.

My questions are:
-Was it difficult for you to find work at home?
-What kinds of jobs are there for stay at home moms to do that aren't labeled as scams??
-Do you have any advice to provide as far as how to maybe balance caring for the family, work and school?

Anything mentioned could help!!

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    8Theresa Gould
    I just got a good paying content job. If you have skills to offer and an extra $25, for three months will provide you work at home job listings via email or online. If you don't want their service after the three months, you will have to contact them via email before your renewal date to cancel your subscription.

    This one job I got over a week ago has paid for my six month subscription multiple times over. Just be diligent looking and responding to the listings and something should come up.
      For balance, I would say that you should outsource as much as you can. There comes an honest to goodness point where you just can't handle any more work. You have to sleep, you have to work, and you have to care for your family. If you can get someone rise to help with the chores and everyday minutia, it can be a grea relief. If not, it may just not get done... Abs often, that is okay too.
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