Do YOU want to change baby's name?

Family knew of our baby names while I was pregnant and while they admired the girl's name, they weren't big on the boy's name. My dad was nearly sneering at it, but it was a beloved name to my husband so I didn't try to talk him out of it. I came to love the name, too, more reason not to change it no matter the opposition. It's your baby, I believe part of the process of preparing to meet and care for baby is the naming. Let the naysayers yammer on, keep baby's name as is and tell them to keep their opinions to themselves as you've already heard 'em.
However, if YOU want to change it for whatever the reason, I'd call your local county's clerk office (in the US) for steps you need to take.

Moms Expertise
    I would feel very sad for a parent who chose a name only to want to change it later due to the opinion of someone else. Most people put so much thought into a name--I know we did, and it is very special to us.
      Great advice!! We had an unfortunate situation where the nurse in the hospital spelled Audrey's name incorrectly on her birth certificate - so both her birth certificate and social security number said "Aydrey" To change it, we had to have the hospital pull the original paperwork where I wrote her name down and send it to the department of vital records. Once her birth certificate was corrected, I had to go to a social security office to have her social updated. Had it been over a year before I tried to correct it, I would have needed a court order signed by a judge.