Teething and fevers: what should I do?

I keep reading that you should really just low-grade fevers run their course. I try to do that, but if my baby is extra fussy or pulling at her teeth, I usually offer OTC medication--usually ibuprofen.

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    I rarely give Hayden medicine for a fever unless it's really bad. The big kids, I let them choose. They don't enjoy taking medicine, so they usually refuse and it's a good way for me to know if they are really miserable or just a little warm ;)
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      I think we've tried a lot: cold teething rings, cold washcloths, cold or frozen fruit, gum massage. We were not comfortable with the dangers related to teething necklaces or oral gels, and the remedies I mentioned she would either refuse or they weren't helpful. We do try to be careful with what we give her, and we noticed such a difference with medicine--the difference between being up crying all night or sleeping peacefully.
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