That refreshing, human feeling.

When your babies are infants and you have practically no time on your hands, what was the thing you looked forward to, that little refresher to make you feel human?

I've heard for some ladies it was change of clothes, decent shower, and blow dry their hair to completely turn their mood from tired and stressed to ready and refreshed.

What about you? What was your 'thing' to keep you going during those hectic infant years?​

    The biggest difference was, that even if I didn't have any place to be, or go.. or anything to do.. I would still get myself and the baby dressed for the day... By 9 a.m I would get him in an outfit and myself in clothes that if I had to be seen in, I would be okay with... lol... The hardest part was when it was noon and I was still in my jammies and hadn't brushed my teeth yet and you just feel... ech... So, after a few weeks of new baby, I forced myself to rally and it really did change my outlook...
      8Theresa Gould
      Yeah, a nice long shower, some make up and a clean pair of clothing.
        So a shower and clean clothes seems to be the consensus here. I will keep that in mind!
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