Sad News from my sister..


We experienced the worst tragedy . Our house was totally damaged; we still have no water and electricity here , and I don't know when it will be restored . All were destroyed; our kitchen, fence and walls , the metal sheets of our roof were blown by the wind. Still I am thankful to the Lord with what happened for on the 8th of November @ 6:30 am, I went home to cook because I am already ashamed to the owner of where we evacuate. That time, the wind became stronger, it cut the tree outside; such a strong impact when it fell, luckily it did not land in the kitchen, I would have been dead by now. I was so scared; I was trembling while waiting for the rice to be cooked.

It is so hard here becuase they say the electricity will be restored only in January. We do not have water and money now . All our clothes were soiled by the typhoon. Please tell Harvey to let Harold's teacher know about our situation that it is already the examination period. It is hard to do things without Hayod that we are currently staying in the chapel of Aunt Lita. Please tell Marlon if there is something he can help we will gladly accept.

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Sad News from my sister..
such news can break everyone's heart, but I even can't imagine how hard is it for the family...
    Aprilrose, I even cant express how I condole you... I'm praying for your family, and your country...
    Please let me know how can we help you directly - any accounts to send money, any other ways... I cant just read this - I need to do something to help.
      Amanda Hurley
      My prayers are with you and your family.
        8Theresa Gould
        I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were. Good to hear your update, though sad about your sisters situation. Praying here too.
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