hips are hurting

since i got to 17 1/2 weeks my hips are really soar and walking sucks :/ is this normal.

    Around 25 ish weeks or so I developed SPD, it was the most painful part about pregnancy to me. I suggest googling it, there is a lot of information out there. If that's what you have as well, it's completely normal but pretty excruciating. A hot rice back between my thighs was a savior but only offered temporary relief. Some other things that helped were walking like you're wearing a tight skirt, never swing just one leg off the bed while getting up. Keep those legs together as much as you can. Talk to your doc and see if that's what it is, if so I feel for ya hon!
      i am so sorry this is happening. As the ladies have expressed this is quite normal. Although if it is very uncomfortable you could call your doctor just to rule out any other underlying issues!
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