Big little accomplishments

So.. I made the mistake of waking up saying "I'm gonna work on the garden today!".. cue the rain.. haha. That's okay though.. the grass is this electric green color, it's almost sparkly.. just beautiful.

Because I couldn't get any gardening done, I painted some planter pots that I'm working on for (late) Mother's Day presents, started some crock pot beef stew, and cleaned the bathrooms! I haven't really scrubbed them down super good since we moved in in September (don't judge me!). I mean it was the serious kind of get-in-the-corners-with-an-old-toothbrush type scrubbing. Felt so good. I never use the bf's bathroom.. what the heck do guys do in there? Took me twice as long to clean his!

The bf was amazing, he hung out with Charlie all morning while I cleaned. Charlie was in his high pitch squeal mode and by the time I sat back down when finished, I hear him say "okay boy.. I am not impressed with your antics!"

lol I love it. He works soooo much that he doesn't get these days where he's hanging out with Charlie all day long dealing with the squeaks. During breakfast it was "Really? He does this all day?" lol yes he does daddy!

Then.. we went shopping, went out to lunch.. and now Charlie is in the garage with him while I'm working. All in all a fantastic day!

Getting those bathrooms done was my big little accomplishment today. What was yours?

    We went bathing suit shopping... a feat in itself! We came out with a suit for my two girls! it took us 4 stores and a million suits but we did it!
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