Argh.. Normally I'm the first one to tell everyone that spending as much time as possible with their baby will give them the best knowledge of their signs. And I agree with this. Wholeheartedly I do. NOBODY knows Charlie the way I do.... but.. BUT. Today is such a challenge.

He's been crying so much today. He was great at the store, great at lunch, good with dad in the garage for a long time, but that's about where it ends. I know it's because he hasn't pooped in a few days. This will happen every now and then but it's been twice this week that he's skipped a few days between pooping.

So he's miserable. He is so miserable and I don't know what to do for him. When I'm done with work I'm going to sit in a tub with him. It doesn't help him go but it always puts him in a better mood. I tried giving him juice once before but it did nothing so I'm not sure I'll try that again.. sigh.. my poor little man.

    Some people don't like it, but I agree with rectal thermometer. Obviously you don't want to do that all time, but sometimes you have to help them along, and as soon as you put the thermometer in, the poop just starts coming out. Just be prepared to probably put a new diaper underneath, plus have another one for when everything is done, because if it's been that long he'll probably over fill a couple of diapers. Hopefully that helps
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