Food you can't eat when pregnant

I think the old saying of "Everything in moderation" comes into play especially during pregnancy. Babies only way of getting nourishment is through what we eat, so everything we consume is so important! But there are a few things we should steer clear from. What comes to mind first is fish. Certain fish has high amounts of mercury that can be dangerous. Things like mackerel, shark, tuna, sushi, clams and most shellfish. My doc said that if it's a predatory fish, stay away from it. Raw eggs or anything containing them, like cookie dough or cake batter can also contain harmful bacteria. Juices can be a great alternative to soda or other sugary drinks, but make sure they are pasteurized. It's a great idea to visit with a dietitian at the beginning of your pregnancy to go over a balanced diet. Being pregnant can reek havoc on your taste buds and appetite.

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      This is a great reminder!
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