More Strange Baby Dreams

I almost cried waking up last night. I have very vivid dreams. I dreamed I had baby Mylze, but he was so small, and he wouldn't cry. He was breathing quite shallow and wouldn't cry. I was so scared and cried in my dream with my husband. Baby started to make progress, enough that the nurse allowed me to hold him, but as she brought him to me, I dropped him on accident and that was when I woke up. ​Stuff like that terrifies me.

I had a second dream not long after, but it was about the number 9... it was about Mylze, but the number 9. I interpreted it as meaning I am going to be late and deliver February 9th, rather than my due date on the 5th.

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    8Theresa Gould
    That would be a scary dream. Perhaps your fears are conjuring up these dreams?
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