Things you should know about having a first baby

​I believe that it is impossible to prepare (mentally) to the birth of the child. In any book you can't find how to be a mother. With the birth of a child you'll need to act according to circumstances. Since the birth of the child everything else no longer exists, there is only your baby.

Moms Expertise
    First three weeks after my son was born, I felt nothing to him. I mean I was neutral, I couldn't get that I am a mom now, and I'm responsible for my baby, even though I was ready mentally and physically. At least I though so. It wasn't a depression, or a situation when you don't want your baby. No. I think with your first baby it's a transition period when your emotions and your mind are kind of separated. You have to "experience" your baby for a couple of weeks/months before you will fully feel that you're a real mom now.
      8Theresa Gould
      I agree that no book will prepare you for motherhood. Each baby will be as different as the mother and father who conceived him or her. Baby and parents kind of have to find their own groove.