Facebook Status Updates Make me Feel like a bad mom sometimes....

OKAY! So, the post weekend status updates of the various moms and dads in my facebook life ...???

Seriously... I have soccer game breakdowns, Whose kid scored how many goals ... then I have the family that's boys each had TWO baseball games and phew! What a tough day that was... THEN there's the food postings that some 9 year old prodigy cooked for her parents AFTER her freakin' violin performance...

Come. ON!!!!

First... I know that Facebook is a place where moms and alike show the best parts of themselves... I get it... And I'm proud of who I am with my kids and all that WE do... but I can't help but roll my eyes a bit... I"m ALL ABOUT boasting in my kids favors.. MY kids are awesome and I''ll tell the world too!! But for some reason, a 9 year old's soccer game play run and me posting a pic of my son in his Purple Belt after Karate to me seems different... A little? NO?

There's just a few of "those"moms on there.. and I actually like most of them very much... so please don't think I'm bashing in any way... But... If I'm totally honest, there is a moment where I think... Crap... Do I suck as a mom that I got nothing to boast about EXCEPT that my kids are just generally awesome and played outside for most of yesterday and then we played UNO and made popcorn?

ANywho... just a thought... :)​

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    Umm you are not alone. I am not even a Mom yet and I cannot stand the boasting, gloating and horn tooting... my biggest question is WHY!? Is FB your darn journal? What the heck is it to you? Do people realize that everyone has important people in their lives and we all really don't care how many goals Susie scored over the weekend... the parents should care but why why why DO THEY HAVE TO SHARE!

    I really don't it.. more so now than ever before. It's like a "Look at me!" game... people thrive off the likes and comments.. and goodness, if that's what you thrive off of.. then you might need to readjust what's important in life.

    End rant :)
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