We're alive!

Just a check-in!
We've made it through our move in one piece, pretty much. Drove from Pensacola to our family in Missouri to pick up our leftover stuff and say hi for a day, then drove from there to Norfolk, VA...Let me tell you, it was the road trip from hell. Illinois does not believe in real roads. Indiana does not believe in 24 hour Gas Stations or even Pay at the Pump overnight. We spent hours just trying to find a gas station, worried the entire time. There must be like literally 2 gas stations open at night in that state. Kentucky and West Virginia are absolutely gorgeous, but I never, EVER, want to drive up and down tiny, very steep, winding roads on a mountain while it rains while pulling a packed-full u-haul trailer with our little car again. We were a day late to our new place but we called to let them know we would be and it was fine. Norfolk is pretty nice. We've gotten a new, good couch and bed set...we've replaced our desks and gotten a tv stand and some comfy desk chairs. Nina's got her own room...We're still waiting for the desks, chairs, and tv stands to arrive but they'll be here soon. My new book I've been waiting for, Mirror Sight, has come out and I've finished it now and am seriously depressed about it, lol.

And now it's Mother's Day. My husband, in a spirit of random kindness, ordered a new Nook glowlight for me, to replace my Nook Simpletouch which has stopped working, so yay!

We're alive!We're alive!We're alive!We're alive!We're alive!We're alive!We're alive!We're alive!
    OOOOO, nice Mother's day present!

    Norfolk is a really nice are with TONS of stuff to do. I contemplated moving to that area to be closer to the beach but my family is closer to Richmond, so I stayed in the area. If you get a chance check out Buckroe Beach, it is so nice and not all touristy like VA Beach. Still, VA Beach is fun too!

    And if you want something to do with the little one Busch Gardens has free passes for kids under... I think it is four? There's a TON of stuff for the little ones to do there.
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