Your baby's name is your business

When people think your baby's name is weird ...

Mariya, my baby's name is Talmage, and I love the name. I wrote about the reactions I get to it in the link I posted. I love your name, by the way. It's gorgeous!
Elyssa, you wouldn't believe - but I love your name too! My parents wanted to name me Elyssa - but changed plans)). Both of this names - Mariya and Elyssa - are international and very common.
And my personal opinion about weird baby names - parents should think not about how to be original with the name, but how will baby live with this name). Names like Jesus or Spartacus are not in my personal list).
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    Definitely agree.
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      I totally agree. Everyone shoots down pretty much the only names that my other half and I can even remotely agree on. And then they start spouting off a bunch of other names instead. It's really too bad that there is no nice way to tell someone to shut up..
        We have all average names except for one Breanika Lee. We decided with a first name like Breanika and then our ridiculous last name we better make her middle name as easy to spell as possible.
          Yep, not being influenced here, as I know others will find our chosen names somewhat odd. I've noticed a lot of people giving names that are GREAT for babies, but don't think about the adult implications.
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