Short term disability maternity

STD Eligibility

Short Term Disability is available to regular full-time and regular part time staff employees working at least 50% effort, who have completed 6 months of employment.

STD Coverage

After completing a 30 calendar day elimination period (including weekends), you may be eligible for income replacement of 60% of your pay for 2 weeks for a regular delivery or 4 weeks for a C-Section. Keep in mind that sick time must first be exhausted, so if you have sick time to cover the first 6-8 weeks you are out on leave, you will not be eligible for Short Term Disability payments. STD only covers the medical portion of the maternity leave, and will not be approved during the child bonding portion of the leave. STD is not applicable for Paternity leaves.

Use of Paid Time Off During the Leave

While on STD, you are required to use all of your sick time. If your normal work schedule is Monday – Friday, you do not need to use sick days on weekends during the leave. You may also choose to use vacation and personal time to cover the leave. While on STD, you do not accrue sick/vacation time. If you do not have paid time off to cover the leave, you may be eligible for 60% of your pay for the dates the insurance carrier approves you for, which is typically for 2-4 weeks after you have completed your 30 day elimination period. While using sick/vacation/personal time to cover the leave, a timecard must be completed. Timecards are not required while on an unpaid leave, or while receiving Short Term Disability payments.

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