Every other month. :-(

I feel like this happens to me every other month. I have always had irregular periods so for me it's so hard to tell if I'm just late or pregnant. I hate getting my hopes up every time only to find out I'm not.

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    I really appreciate all the responses everybody. I've been ttc off and on for a few years. Admittedly I wasn't doing the charting or anything I was hopping that in my 20's the old fashioned way would work. Since I am a stepmother to a beautiful 10 year old girl who I only get to see a couple times a month( her mother hates me) I tend to get really down about a neg test especially on Mother's Day . It hurts to love and care for another woman's daughter like she's my own only to be reminded every time we drop her off that no matter how much I love her she's not mine in that way. Ugh.
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