Dad arrested at school board meeting for protesting book

A dad was arrested at a school board meeting for talking longer than the alloted time. He was protest a book that the school assigned his 9th grade daughter to read because the book contained a graphic sex scene. The book is called Nineteen Minutes by author Jodi Picoult.

Would you be ok with your 9th grader reading this book?

    Hmm.. Well, as a first time mom I have pipe dreams of me being very much involved in the PTA so that things I'm not happy about are thrown out before something like this happens.. but that doesn't mean I'll agree with everything. I think the hardest part of this article was that parent's should "by all means, use this as a spring form for a discussion with their kids". Parent's will have that discussion when they feel that time is right, not when mandatory reading throws the topic into dinner discussion.

    So that's my problem with it. The guy talking out of turn too much? He's violating the rules. Us adults have to follow those too if we want our kids too. A bit ridiculous that he was arrested..but yeah.
      its a bit much arresting him but I think far to many parents coddle their kids (for lack of a better word) when it comes to books and other media sources. I have read this book and would be perfectly okay with my kids reading it in high school. They should have just had him removed from the meeting. I don't think people actually realize the content kids read in college. I know your going to say they are adults then but I think some parents realize their kids will be exposed to these type books/projects eventually. Its like teaching absence instead of safe sex it does not work.
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