Tell me something interesting about your Mom!

I am a first generation Italian American. During WWII, my grandfather was in the Italian Army and was a prisoner of war held captive in South America. He sent my grandmother and their 3 daughters (my mom being the youngest) to America during this time. They rode a boat across the Atlantic for 27 days. The boat was called the Saturnia. She was an immigrant, a visitor to the great Ellis Island.

Tell me something interesting about your mom :)

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    It's so great that you had someone in your life that understood. When my ex and I were trying, there was so much of this "relax and don't stress about it" talk.. drove me insane. I finally just reserved myself to the idea that I wasn't meant to be a mom. Turns out I was wrong. I'm supposed to be a mom, just wasn't with the right dad :).

    So glad things worked out for you Stefany, you are a beautiful mama!
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