..so many options!

First off.. you need to sort out WHY your baby isn't sleeping much or well at night.. does he get hot or cold easily? Perhaps the timing of the last feeding is off? Do they tend to need a diaper change throughout the night? Do they need that pacifier to soothe them? Does white noise help or hurt them? Are they over stimulated before bedtime? Do they need to be slowly relaxed before bed.. ie.. with a bath? or bottle? So many factors come into play when sorting out why your little one isn't sleeping much or waking often throughout the night.. FIRST sort out the trigger, then it's much easier to find a remedy! Or should I say TRY to remedy ;) Everything with a new little babe is typically trial and error and you honestly have no clue if something will work until you try it.. so try to zone in on your baby's needs.. and you might find something that works!

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