Kai is so overtired. We were busy all day. So bed was at 6:30 since there was no nap. She has been whining from then and still is. She is not sick, she is not gassy or anything. She has been changed, she has had a drink, she has went pee, she is over tired. She knows she is too, as soon as she starts to fall asleep she wakes her self up and whines. Not crying but whining. I am very calm, but she has learned this new shriek that I panic over. She thinks its funny. She has been on the same schedule. So I know that isn't it. She just fights sleep. So were waiting for daddy to come home so he can calm her down (try to anyways). We watched an entire movie red a book, cuddled, and rocked. She has fallen asleep soooo many times, and just wakes herself up and say no ninight. Man, the joys of toddlers fighting sleep.

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