Mother's Day!

How do/did you count your mother's day? I technically count this as my 3rd mother's day. I started when I accepted Abigail in my life. She's not fully my baby, but I'm choosing to be her step mother (hopefully official soon!) and I do love her very much. I counted last years mother's day because of her and I was pregnant with Lucas! And my 3rd this year of course because both my babies are out in the world. Everyone's wishing me a Happy 1st Mothers Day, which I am grateful for of course! But, I count it as my 3rd Mama's Day.

Did anyone else count their Mother's Day when you accepted step kids or during pregnancy? :) And I hope everyone had a wonderful day!! <3

    I feel the same way about my step son. And my
      My first mothers day was in 2010 (May 9th) even though Kaydeen was born until May 19th. I was still taking care of her. :)
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