Purpose or accident?

We got pregnant on purpose! We were definitely trying and it happened very fast for us haha. I was off the pill for one month and the week we were trying was the week it happened! I think more 'accident' because it happened sooner than we thought; but purpose because we were trying and expected to have a baby haha. And now we have our 8 month old Lucas! :D

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    It was both for me.

    My oldest was an enormous surprise. My husband and I met and married in 4 months, and hadn't been married for 3 months before we found out she was on her way (despite religious birth control pill regimen).

    We decided we wanted two kids, and for them to be close-ish in age, so we started trying, thinking it would be easy since I got pregnant on the pill. 7 months, 2 miscarriages and the loss of my grandmother, littlest miss was on her way.

    It was interesting looking back at it, as I got small tastes of everything: surprise, planning, trying and the frustration that comes with it, loss and finally a rainbow baby.
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      (((hugs, Stefany))) Infertility is such a beast. One of the things I appreciate about parenting sites like moms.com is that it connects people who truly understand what you're going through. When I experienced my miscarriages, no one in my "real life" had ever had them, so no one understood how I was feeling. It was such a blessing to talk with other moms who had been through what I was going through and knew what I was dealing with was normal. I hope you have also had the opportunity of connecting through shared experiences!
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