Hey breastfeeding moms, lookie here!

I think breastfeeding is so important even though I was not able to do so. I wouldn't have been ashamed to do it in public either. My kid needs to eat, this is what my body is made for, deal with it. But, that's just me. I read this and thought it was so great. What do you think?

    I'd never condemn a woman for breastfeeding in public, but I never did it. Let's face it: a bikini shows off way more than a breastfeeding woman does, so what's the problem? I used to shop at a large grocery store that had a very big woman's bathroom. Before a woman got into the actual bathroom, there was a comfortable chair and table, which were there for women who wanted to breastfeed. If stores don't want women breastfeeding in public, they should make accommodations. The only place a woman should never breastfeed is in a moving car, especially while driving.
      !Hey I am all for it! I love your views .....
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