Mom, describe your getting dressed routine.

Well, I mostly stay in pajamas seeing as I am home 24/7 haha. But, if I do get dressed, I take a shower first. And then I'll choose some undies and a bra. Matching if I'm feeling up to look for something that matches lol. And then I go for the closet. Usually a pair of jean shorts and a comfy tshirt. Sometimes I'll choose a cute summer dress or maxi dress. If we're going anywhere then I'll do my hair too. And if David and I are going out, then I'll dress a bit fancier; nice jeans and a fancy shirt or a super nice dress. I'll do my hair and makeup too. :)

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    At home I don't really get dressed, I just wear a t-shirt around the house. If I expect company I do wear jeans and shoes. I wear dresses when my friends come over for brunch or get togethers. When it comes to going out on date nights with my lovely husband I too get very fancy for him, makeup, my hair done nicely and sexy black dress and high heels that he loves on me.
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