Reasons for sore nipples when not pregnant

Sore nipples are not just for the pregnant lady. They are a something pretty much all of us experience at some point in our lives as women.

One obvious reason is breastfeeding. Lots of women get very sore nipples when breastfeeding. From what i've read, a lactation consultant can help you with helping you and baby learn proper latching techniques to help save your nipples. There are also lots of creams and such that can help ease the pain. From what I've read, many women just have to deal with the discomfort though because baby doesn't like the ointment. Do you think it has always been this way? I would think in older days and in third world countries that the infection that could be caused by scabby nipples could cause infection... Do you think those women have just mastered the technique or do they suffer through it?

Other reasons could be hormonal. I know when I PMS, my boobs feel like they could fall off. Sometimes my nipples get intensely sore, to the point of not wanting to put on a bra or even a shirt sometimes. Hormones can get out of whack from all sorts of stuff- food, being around new women, changes in exercise routine, stress... All sorts of things.

Something else could be a poorly fitted bra. If you wear a bra too big or too small, your nipples either may be squished or rubbing, causing them to be sore.

This is especially true for exercise and if you're larger chested. For women with fuller breasts, a well fitting sports bra can be a great help when exercising to alleviate bounce... It'll save you from back, shoulder, and nipple pain.

Then again, don't forget the possibility that you might just have a rough husband. ;) Or a silly one. I know I'm not the only one whose nipples have become dials, joysticks, and/or pretend musical instruments, lol.

Anyway, do you know of other reasons for sore nipples when not pregnant?

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