When did you decide to conceive children? This is my story, tell me yours!

There were several phases of my husband and I deciding to conceive children... At first it started out with us just not using any protection and seeing what happened. After a couple years of that, I started doing the silly stuff like making sure my husband wore loose undergarments and propping my hips in the air after having sex.

I saw a doctor and told him we had been trying for a while... He tried to write me off, “Oh, you're young... You have time. You'll have kids. Give it time.” Blah blah blah. I requested an ultrasound where they found ovarian cysts and 'debris' (I still don't know what that means, I don't know why I didn't get more information than I did. I don't even remember now what I asked about it) So that put a damper in things... He offered to put me on birth control to regulate my cycles to which I said no. Birth control pills mess me up. Even the super low dose Nuvaring messes with my body. Forget it.

I was at a pretty bad place in my life anyway, so I didn't push much further.

A year or so after that, we started talking about REALLY trying to have kids. I had talked to one other doctor who told me I 'didn't ovulate' though I think he was wrong, his timing off, and he only checked hormone levels for one cycle. It was a military hospital, so any of you military wives know just what I mean. I took it to heart though, and decided to try some natural fertility methods.

Eventually, we decided to order the vitamin combos I had researched and told to me by Shayna. I also ordered some Fertilitea which had rave reviews and was recommended to her by a fertility doctor. I thought what the heck, ordered a special mug to drink my 'lady tea' and began our adventure. It was a huge step for my husband and myself. We had made the commitment to truly, actively try for children.

I got pregnant the first month I used it. I miscarried at what I thought was the beginning of my second trimester, though the baby had been lost before that. I got pregnant directly following that miscarriage without a period between. Miscarriage.

Now, having just lost my best friend, and moved across country, my husband and I are kind of in limbo.

We will try again soon, but we've sort of taken a step backward on the TTC levels. I still have my tea and and vitamins for hubby and I both, but I want to get settled in a house and get him settled in a job and let life slow down a little while, have some time to grieve (I lost someone else very important to me about 13 months ago, so it has been a long year or so.)

When we try again, I know I'm going to be on the edge of my seat, so I need to be in a place where I'm emotionally prepared for that. Part of me wants to just try now while I'm kind of numb-hurt just in case, but that seems wrong... So, we will wait and see. 'Til then I'm not preventing.

What about you? When did you decide to conceive?

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      Thanks for your story. Here is all mine
      With haiden we were just dating so we were not trying. I was young and dumb teenage so i decided i would play around with my pills. I would go 1 week and take them, another week i would miss them. Plus he told me there was a possiblity he could have kids as he was told by a dr. So i thought hey nothing to lose. I moved in with him before graduating. His lease was up, i graduated high school, we got a new apartment. 1 month later i found out i was pregnant. The dr told me i am very fertile and it wont take me long to get pregnant if we wanted another.

      With logan we talked about it in october of trying. But i wanted to finish my last pack of pills which was in decemeber. So we stopped all birth control pills after xmas. I had a gut feeling i was pregnant in january 2010. I took a test and it was a slight postive. So i waited one more week and retested and that was the 2nd wee of jan.

      Vince it took us longer than the other 2. But same story as the others.
        Amy Phroper
        With my first child me and her dad had been together almost a year and decided we wanted to try. I got pregnant about 4 months after we started trying. I ended up miscarriaging at 14 weeks. They said she had stopped growing some where between 11-13 weeks. We had just buried my sister 2 weeks before. I went into a very deep depression. We decided to stop trying after that. Well 4 months after my miscarriage I ended up pregnant again that time I carried her to her to term.
        With my second me and my husband had been trying for 2 years to get pregnant. We did everything we would read about. Finally we went to a specialist who told us that we had about a 5% chance of getting pregnant without in vitro. But she offered to give me some shots to try and help before we went straight to in vitro and I got pregnant the first cycle. Which ended up in me having a miscarriage. I was devastated again. So we waited 6 months and decided to try the shots again and that time I got pregnant again and ended up having a baby boy at 37 weeks.
        When we were ready to try again we did the shots again and had 2 miscarriages before getting pregnant with our last child. I had a baby boy at 39 weeks.
          I had always wanted children from a very early age. I would have had more if I could. I also had fertility problems, and was told I would never have children. I was also told I needed a hysterectomy in my early twenties. I did not want to give into that.
          I went to a specialist, had a vaginal ultrasound that showed a lot of scarring, supposedly endometriosis. My husband at the time and I were really not trying nor preventing. Still a few months after this, I got pregnant and did not have any problems.
          Happy healthy baby. We had been married for 4 years.
            Me and my husband is married for 1 year now. We are currently trying to conceive for 7 months now. I had Lymphoma cancer and was treated with chemo. The doctors think that I had damage with my "woman - parts'" from the chemo. He put me on fertility pills last month and this month and told me that if I am not pregnant the second month, I have to go back to be tested further and also to test my husband. This has been a very stressful time for me. We really want a baby. We also tried every tactic there is and had no luck so far. Really hopes that this is my moth of conceiving.
              Melissa Middleton
              Jaina is my step-daughter, and my hubby and his ex-wife tried for two years.
              Jonah was a condom baby and was conceived 11 months after we wed. But, we were happy nonetheless, and I truly wanted a baby. We are now trying to conceive another child. I want another boy and a girl. I secretly wanyt twins. Hubby wants another boy.
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