I kept asking myself what would happen if my thawed milk went bad

Well i just found out at 230 am of course! I was feeding Seth and he kept yelling but not crying just like a throaty yell. Kind of like when I tried giving him a "fast" nipple. I tasted the milk and OMG that was gross like puke and bamboo... where as my fresh milk tastes sweet &watery kind of like cantaloupe. Sorry if it's TMI. But now I'm like EVERYONE SHOULD TASTE TEST THEIR MILK IF THEIR BABY IS SCREAMING AT THE BOTTLE OMG! LOL.
p.s. happy Mothers day!

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    Let's see I took it out at 6pm ish to thaw on the counter since it won't ever thaw in the fridge, and it was room temp at 230 am so 8.5 hours....
    The limit for freezing is 3 months. I mean this was pumped on 2/11 frozen on 2/11 or 2/12 by the hospital originally and then transported home (only like 15 mins) and put back in freezer. So it was definitely only 3 months.
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