Baby Eczema

Baby eczema can be aggravated by scented products.. But to really take care of it you need to find the root cause which is typically food based. My kids have always had outbreaks with dairy. The more they get, the worse it is. When eliminating dairy from either breastfeeding mom's diet or older child's diet, look on your labels for things like 'cassein', 'lactose' and whey. There's more than that, but those are the two that get my kiddos. One of mine also gets breakouts when she eats too many tomato products. It will take at least two weeks to get it all out of your system, a month if you are breastfeeding (two weeks for you, two weeks for baby).

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    Forgot to add.. My grandpa had breakouts from caramel, my mom gets them from it could be caused by something you would never think of. Easiest way to discover it keep a food journal with any reactions recorded.. You will notice a pattern. Works for food allergies, too.
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