What would u do

So haiden for the past 2months has been sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night. He will either go in fridge and get his juice boxes, his boost essential milk and take it to his room. He also will sneak food like chocolate in his room in middle of night. He even had took his school bag in his room in middle of thr night and put like 4-5toys in even when its not his day for show and tell.
We eat dinner around 5-5:30pm, and he has a snack around 7pm. He goes to bed at 8pm. With snack he gets a water or milk to drink so he shouldnt be hungry for bed time or thirsty
As for the toys in his school bag he can bring a show and tell on his day for snack which means all other toys have to wait for his snack day. School has a rule that all toys stay home unless its your show and tell day or bday or project.

I have talked to him about this including the dangers of a possible falling down the stairs as its dark outside and u cant see well. Or even worse case of robbers walking around yards and see him as bait and break in and steal him. I even explained to him the rules of his toys going to school.
Now i have put a baby gate in the hallway upstairs and if i forget to put it up he does sneak down. But why should i put a baby gate up it would just be an issue for an emergancy situation like a fire.

I am thinking maybe i should put a childproof door handle on inside of the upstairs door so that way he cant open it and get in kitchen. And if he does maybe i should lock our pantry up again so he cant get in it.

    So ladies i cleaned out haidens room really good. I found wrappers of candy, juice, cups, butter knife, scissors, coloring books, markers, cryons, ripped paper in all areas. So he now has nothing in his room.
    I also put on the inside of the upstairs door and childproor door handle that way if i forget about the gate in hallway he cant open the door. And if he tries or bangs on it i can hear him and catch him in the act.
    We do have a chain on food pantry cuz logan used to just help himself to anything when we were not looking. So we had to for logan, now we will lock it up before we go bed.
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