Bike riding with 5 and 3 year olds - advice needed!

Our town just put in a gorgeous bike path last fall and my husband and I want to start being more active. We are looking at getting bikes for us, and trying to decide what to do about our kids.

Do we get them their own bikes? Do we get them the bikes that attach to ours? Do we just get a trailer (and any recommendations?)?

What has worked for your family? I feel overwhelmed!

    I don't have children old enough to bike yet but, I would say it would depend on the age of your children, and maybe them having their own bikes and a trailer might be worth it. That is if it's in your budget (check craigslist I see bike trailers all the time) I think if you want them to be active too then you make it so they can ride as well, but your young child may not be able, or have the attention span to ride as long as you may want so a trailer may be a good option for that.
      We're getting a bike trailer this summer for Avery. She'll be one so she can ride in it until she's 5 or so and starts riding herself. Plus there is room for 2 so our next baby can ride in it too.

      I would try getting Red a bike with training wheels or the kind that attaches to the back of a bike. That way she can learn to ride on her own. She's the right age for it. If Yellow seems coordinated enough you could try the attatched bike for her too, but they need good balance and know to hold on tight. If you're worried about it I'd look for a bike trailer on craigslist.
        My 5 year old will definitely want her own - most of the time. My 3 year old... well, she's a bit more laid back, so she might prefer having the trailer and being toted around like a little princess. ;-)

        We might be able to swing both - I found some good deals on Craigslist, if I could just get people to reply!

        Thanks all for the insight! I'm excited to be more active as a family, especially with this beautiful new bike trail to enjoy!
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