Motherhood now vs. 30 years ago

I thought this article was interesting. It quantifies some difference between now and then. Such as percentage of mothers staying home with their kids (which is much less now) however, those who do stay home now are more likely to spend more time with their kids! Also the difference in breastfeeding (much higher now), mother's were not pushed to breastfeed then. Also you weren't likely to find the "mommy wars" going on in the 70s.

What do you think, it's interesting to see how things have evolved. Do you notice big differences between yourself and your mother? your grandmother?

    Divorce wasn't as big back then so there's no surprise that more moms stayed home with their kids. I think a lot of the difference is because we know how we were raised (as the article says, climbing around in the back of a station wagon - I remember those days clearly!). We see the present danger of that, and a lot of things our mother's did and respond differently.

    I get a lot of "That's not how we used to do things" from both grandmothers. And that's perfectly okay with me, but it doesn't change the way I do anything. Mom put whiskey on my gums during teething. Did it work? Probably. Did it hurt me? Probably not, but I would never do it with Charlie. Charlie's grandparents are big fans of letting him cry it out (which is why they don't watch him for long periods of time). I don't agree with it so I plan accordingly. In 30 years our kids will wonder why we did things the way we do also.. just part of evolving.
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