Dolphin Moms

So I'd heard of tiger moms, but never dolphin moms. I knew that tiger moms subscribed to a very controlled parenting style where you are involved in ever aspect of your child's life. You keep a tight schedule and make sure your kids are doing something productive at all times.

I like this new idea of dolphi n moms. It's all about balance and trusting your instincts. Don't be a push over when it comes to your kids but don't push to hard either. Check out this article to learn more.…

    I agree that moms seem to have lost a lot of instinct. We get so much unsolicited advice, sometimes it gets so loud that we can't hear our own guts anymore. I'm all for Dolphins. But there are so many factors that contribute to how kids are raised. The writer of this article learned math by counting change in her dad's taxi. If I did not monitor Charlie's math skills closely, that would not be the case... we have no taxi's. I know it isn't that black and white, but you get what I mean. I think moms need to take into account what's being taught out there before allowing it to teach their children.
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