How to take care of baby born at 27 weeks

A baby born at 27 weeks will have numerous medical complications and spend a few months in the NICU. A 27 week baby will not be able to breath on it's own, maintain it's own temperature or eat. It is very common to have complication with the bowels and brain as well. Many premature babies will have a problem with their heart requiring medication or even surgery to fix it.

While your baby is in the NICU the medical team will let you know how you can help with your baby's care. They will probably let you help change their diaper, take them temperature, etc. If you baby is stable enough they will probably let you hold your baby and do some skin to skin kangaroo care.

When your baby is around 40 weeks the medical team will start talking about what will happen when you take your baby home. Your baby will be on a special high calorie diet, will probably need some medications, might have some medical equipment or monitors. Your baby will also be very susceptible to illness and your medical team will probably advise you not to take your baby in public places.

Caring for a premature baby can be scary and stressful. Make sure that you follow all the directions the medical team gives you and make sure you follow up regularly with your baby's doctor.

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    NICU's call it kangaroo care, it is basically you place your baby skin to skin on your chest. Both parents can do it, you have to take off your shirt. When the baby is on your skin they can feel your temperature, your heart rate, your breathing rate, etc. Skin to skin with a baby can help regulate and normalize the baby's temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, and can calm a baby. Skin to skin with mom and baby can help moms milk supply and it can help baby when it is time to learn how to eat. It is great for bonding but it is so much more!
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