A baby who fights sleep

​My son is very infamous for fighting sleep. I deal with it every night. He will fight sleep for 2-4 hours at a time. I've tried everything I can think of and I'm losing a terrible amount of sleep over this. It's so exhausting and I've run out of ideas. Please help!

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    Interested in Celeste's question. Do you have a routine? That's the one thing I've heard s an almost consensus that helps fussy babies sleep swiftly. And Meg brought up a good topic the other day- white noise. Have you tried that?
      I'm working on a similar situation with my 5 month old. I see that the best thing that is working is sticking to a strict schedule. It's been a week of constant bottle of breast milk with cereal, low light, quiet and snuggles at the same time every night. He almost always goes to sleep right away for at least 5-6 hours. I do wish he'd go back to sleeping through the night tho.
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        When is his last nap in the afternoon? Sometimes when a baby sleeps late in the afternoon their awake time gets shoved into the parents bedtime. Have you tried keeping him awake longer in the afternoon so he's tired by bedtime?
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        I wouldn't say a set schedule, but a routine. Same time each time you give him a bath. have some sort of play time at the same time each day, same bedtime routine and gradually you will carve out a schedule/routine that's right for you and baby.
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