The naughty.

When i was pregnant with Gabriel I had no desire to have sex at all, after he was born my libido seemed to shoot up, but now that i am pregnant again it doesn't even cross my mind, and i know that it is hard on my SO because like most guys i suppose it is a huge part of connecting with each other. Did anyone else have desire issues while pregnant or after and how did you deal with it?

    My libido decreased during and after my pregnancy. I still like to DTD, but I don't feel like I need to do it like I did before I had my daughter. However, when we get the chance, which is rare lately (I fall asleep a lot, lol), we let my husband do some *ahem* things to convince me. I can usually catch up if I don't start out in the mood. I like sex, but just because it's not on my mind at one point doesn't mean that I won't enjoy it if we still try. Does that make sense?
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