It's been so long...

I apologize if this is a bit too much information... But as women we get it, and I know you'll understand. Charlie slept in his crib last night. For 5 months (exactly 5 months) I've been laying next to that bassinet listening to him breathe. Making sure he's breathing, peeking over the side to watch his tummy rise and fall. But I didn't want to get stuck. It's important that Charlie is in his crib, in his own room.

We hooked up the baby monitor (does the interference on those things freak anyone else out?) And I laid my head on his chest. And he held me all night. It's been so long since we slept like that. Usually we start out kinda-sorta-maybe close and it ends up the same... with him on his back and me way over on my side by the bassinet.

So.. I was awake most of the night just listening. But Charlie did so good, and I got out of bed feeling so close to the bf.

Did that happen for anyone else? Maybe not the exact thing.. but have any milestones brought you closer?

    Have you heard of baby movement monitors? They alarm if the baby has no movement after 20seconds.
      I've never heard of them but knowing me it would keep me awake even more. I found myself just waiting to hear something on the monitor all night long. When we first went to bed, the bf scratched on the receiver to make sure I could hear something on the monitor and I did so we called it good. Then all night here and there I would hear these noises on it. My goodness it freaked me out every single time.
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