Perhap it should be a question of how to assist the of NICU nurses...

as baby is still in need of complex, sophisticated medical care and equipment. If you planned to breastfeed, pump to provide now (your body cater makes milk for your baby's premature tummy/body) and to keep your supply intact til baby is capable/strong enough to suck. Ask to try breastfeeding, if you intended to, baby may already be able to. Ask to do Kangaroo care whenever/however possible (skin-to-skin is beneficial to all babies, preemies in particular), talk to baby and touch him/her.
Reach out to other parents of preemies, your happiness and sanity are important to baby's growth and healing.

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Kangaroo Mother Care is it's proper name and consists of three principle: " 1: Skin-to-skin Contact, 2 Exclusive breastfeeding, 3 Support to the mother infant dyad."
But, I should have clarified that any skin-to-skin contact where baby is resting on a parent's chest for an hour if possible is tremendously beneficial to baby and not a bad option for bonding from the parent's side too.
I personally have never dealt with this topic, either, but various parenting forums I visit post a myriad of topics and I wanted to share.
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    I'm always in awe of parents who go through having a preemie and all the ups and downs that relate to it.